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Welcome to Teddy Mountain®: Retail Teddy Bear Stores!

Teddy Mountain® is the leading provider of highly interactive "Experience Retail" Store and Kiosk solutions in the "Build-your-own Teddy Bear" business.  Our worldclass assortment of premium products and global presence provides customers with boundless opportunities for an interactive retail experience!

Explore the world of Teddy Mountain® and find out for yourself why we really are"Mountains of Fun!™"

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Experience Retail: The 'Teddy Mountain®' way! 

Teddy Mountain® is an 'Experience Retail' store like no other in the industry today!  Our stores are designed from the ground up, to take interactive themed children's retail to another level!  We have accomplished this with our Teddy Mountain® branded retail stores and kiosk offerings.  See Open a Store for more details!

New Store Openings:  Teddy Mountain® Locations!

Teddy Mountain® Stores that have recently opened / are opening soon!

•Teddy Mountain Lloydminster, SK/AB, Canada (2014 - COMING SOON!
•Teddy Mountain Albufeira, Portugal (2014 - COMING SOON!)
•Teddy Mountain Guatemala City, Guatemala (MAY 2014 - COMING SOON!)
•Teddy Mountain Miami, Florida, USA (Southland Mall)(NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Brooklyn, New York, USA (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Odessa, Texas, USA (Music City Mall)(NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Weedsport, New York, USA (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Luxembourg (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Santiago, Chile (Two Stores) (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Goteborgg, Sweden (2013 - NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Saudi Arabia (2013 - NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Almaty, Kazakhstan (2013 - NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Busselton, Western Australia (2013 - NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Orlando, Florida, USA (Sanford Mall)(2013 - NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Orlando, Florida, USA (Oviedo Mall)(2013 - NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Collinsville, Virginia, USA (2013 - NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Chiapas, Mexico (2013 - NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Moscow, Russia (2013 - NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Gdansk, Poland (2013 - NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Champaign, Illinois, USA (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Louis Joliet, Illinois, USA (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Chicago Ridge, Illinois, USA (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Kyrenia, Cyprus (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Bloomington, Illinois, USA (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Kiev, Ukraine (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Israel (2012 - NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Alvor, Portugal (March 2012)
•Teddy Mountain Baku, Azerbaijan (February 2012)
•Teddy Mountain Riga, Latvia, Spice Mall (February 2012)
•Teddy Mountain Westport, Ireland (February 2012)
•Teddy Mountain Rome, Italy (December 2011)
•Teddy Mountain Queretaro, Mexico (December 2011)
•Teddy Mountain Cuernavaca, Mexico (November 2011)
•Teddy Mountain Helsinki, Finland (November 2011)
•Teddy Mountain Chengdu City, China (October 2011)
•Teddy Mountain Daytona Beach, Florida, USA (September 2011)
•Teddy Mountain Cork, Ireland (September 2011)
•Teddy Mountain Jawa Barat, Indonesia (August 2011)
•Teddy Mountain Toronto, Canada, Kids Fun City (March 2011)
•Teddy Mountain San Antonio, Texas, USA, South Park Mall (January 2011)
•Teddy Mountain Oaxaca, Mexico (November 2010)
•Teddy Mountain Veracruz, Mexico (October 2010)
•Teddy Mountain San Antonio, Texas, USA, RiverCenter Mall, (August 2010)
•Teddy Mountain Tlalpan, Paseo Aculpa, Mexico (August 2010)
•Teddy Mountain Sequim, Washington, USA (July 2010)
•Teddy Mountain Inverness, Scotland (January 2010) 

The Concept: The 'Teddy Mountain®' Experience! 

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Teddy Mountain® is a magical and special teddy bear stuffing store that will provide a lasting and memorable experience for all. The concept is simple: pick an unstuffed plush (unstuffed teddy bear or other animal skin) and fill it up yourself using our child-safe stuffing machine. You can then customize your teddy bear to your liking by picking out clothing and accessories such as shoes, sunglasses, and even sporting gear. Take a peek at our online store where you can stuff your own teddy bear, online!  The fact that you get to build your own personalized teddy bear in a highly interactive 3D themed environment is what keeps customers coming back to our Disneyeske magical teddy bear stuffing store!

As the leading license & franchise provider in the stuff-your-own teddy bear industry, we have stores impatiently awaiting your visit in both North America and Europe. Come stuff a friend in our stores with your family as you'll be able to get your picture taken with your newly stuffed friend to commemorate the teddy bear stuffing event. Better yet, invite a few friends and have your teddy bear stuffing birthday party at one of our stores! Never has making a new friend been so easy! We're not only talking about your new stuffed animal because our staff is also very eager to meet you!

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to take a peek at our frequently asked questions or to contact us and begin your Teddy Mountain® adventure today!

We hope to see you soon at a Teddy Mountain® Store near you!